November 11, 2020
Detailed program, November 11
Moscow time, UTC+3

10.30 to 11 am – Zooming in: free networking session in Zoom #2

Microsoft Teams 01
11 to 11.45 am – Keynote speech. Daniela Stockmann (Germany). Regulating Social Media Platforms: Lessons from China for Europe

11.45 am to 12 pm – Coffee break

12 - 1 pm – Parallel panels
o1-04 Microsoft Teams 01 invited panel
Journalistic agency under pressure: news from the Middle East
Katrin Voltmer (UK), Carola Richter (Germany), Jacob Høigilt, Banafsheh Ranji, Kjetil Selvik (Norway)

02-04 Microsoft Teams 02
Media theory and media development
Chair: Vladislav Dekalov

Ines Drefs, Germany. Between local contexts and international standards: Designing effective media development programmes across the globe
Leonid Tomin, Alexandr Balayan, Russia. Disruption of print media business models: a marxist approach
Liudmila Voronova, Patrik Åker, Sweden. Comparing discourses on photographic realism in Russia and Sweden: Documentary photography and photojournalism education 'on the move'?

03-04 Microsoft Teams 03
Mediated images in context
Chair: Olga Filatova

Wedencley Alves, Brazil; Alexandr Marchenko, Russia. The fetish of biotechnology in Russian and Brazilian press: A comparative discursive analysis Diana Izmailyan, Russia. The image of Russian economy in British media: using corpus-assisted discourse analysis in extracting news frames
Ekaterina Shcheglova, Yulia Konyaeva, Natalya Prokofeva, Russia. 'The generation megaphone' or 'a puppet': Greta Thunberg in the context of word usage in the Russian media

1 - 2 pm – Parallel panels
o1-05 Microsoft Teams 01invited panel
National Media Systems: Conceptual Foundations for the Uniqueness in the Global Context

Elena Vartanova, Andrei Vyrkovsky, Maria Anikina, Anna Gureeva (Russia)

02-05 Microsoft Teams 02
Online communication localized
Chair: Konstantin Platonov

Anna Litvinenko, Germany; Kamilla Nigmatullina, Russia.
Looking for Watchdogs: A Comparative Analysis of Local News Media Landscapes in 15 Russian Regions
Ilia Bykov, Russia; Aleksandr Hradziushka, Belarus. Digitalization of Local Media in the Republic of Belarus: Wasted Opportunity?
Anna Smoliarova, Natalia Pavlushkina, Tamara Gromova, Russia. Content as context: does the geography of news influence users involvement on a newsmedia Facebook page?

03-05 Microsoft Teams 03
New perspectives in media coverage
Chair: Daria Aminova

Ana Serrano Tellería, Spain. Why Transmedia Journalism? Core Values on the Rise
Adolfo Antón Bravo, Ana Serrano Tellería, Spain. Data Journalism and Visualisation becomes Data Science
Luis-Mauricio Calvo-Rubio, Ana Serrano Tellería, Spain. A Comparative Analysis of Transmedia Journalism in Spanish Media
Wulan Widyasari, Heidrun Allert, Germany. Shaping LGBTQ Issues on Social Media: A Posthumanist Performativity Perspective

2 - 3 pm – Lunch

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3 - 4 pm – Book presentation session: From communication theory to Internet studies
Mark Deuze, the Netherlands
Michal Glowacki, Poland
Claudia Mellado, Chile
Marielle Wijermars, the Netherlands - Finland
Sergey Davydov, Russia
Moderator: Svetlana Bodrunova, Russia

4 - 5 pm – Parallel panels
o1-06 Microsoft Teams 01workshop
Today's media through the prism of the past: history as a model of interpretation

Olga Kruglikova, Anna Smolyarova, Alexander Marchenko (Russia)

02-06 Microsoft Teams 02
Perspectives in social media use
Chair: Ekaterina Akimovich

Victoria Vziatysheva, Russia.
Recognition and Perception of fake news by Audience: A Research Review
Galina Lukyanova, Russia. Strategies of Political Actors in Social Media: Navalny's Case
Iman Zahra, Oman. New trends in Public Relations Research: Utilization of Social Networking Sites Worldwide

03-06 Microsoft Teams 03
Comparing political/politicized coverage
Chair: Ilya Bykov

Young Eun Moon, the USA.
The Politics of Quotations: A Comparative Study of Presidential News Coverage in South Korea and the United States
Darja Judina, Olessia Koltsova, Maksim Terpilowski, Sergei Pashakhin, Alina Kolycheva, Russia. Political bias of Russian media in the coverage of presidential elections in Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska, Poland. 'LGBT+', 'Homoterror', and 'Rainbow plague': Sexual minorities on the covers of opinion magazines as an empirical evidence of media polarization in Poland

5 - 5.30 pm – Closing keynote speech. Claudia Mellado (Chile).
The Interplay Between Journalistic Ideals and Role Performance in Comparative Perspective

5.30 - 6 pm – Awards & Closing Ceremony
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