November 10, 2020
Detailed program, November 10
Moscow time, UTC+3

Microsoft Team 01
10 to 10.15 am – Informal gathering of guests
10.15 to 10.30 am – Welcome speeches

10.30 to 11.15 am – Plenary podium discussion: How we (do not) understand context
Daya Thussu, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China
Henriette Borg Reinholdt, Danish Cultural Institute, Denmark - Russia
Andrei Zavadski, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany - Russia
Marielle Wijermars, Maastricht University, the Netherlands - University of Helsinki, Finland
Moderator: Svetlana Bodrunova, Russia

11.15 to 11.30 am– Coffee break

11.30 to 12.10 am – Keynote speech. Mark Deuze (the Netherlands).The Opportunities and Challenges for the Future of Media and Mass Communication Theory and Research

12.15 to 12.45 am – Keynote speech. Michal Glowacki (Poland).Pasts, Presents and Futures of Public Service Media in Europe: Path-Dependencies and Organisational Cultures in the Context of Change and Adaptation

12.45 am to 1 pm – Coffee break

1 - 2 pm – Parallel panels
01-01 Microsoft Teams 01
Putting online wars in context
Chair: Nina Zhuravleva

Sérgio Barbosa, Portugal. Global South WhatsAppers: Reinventing Digital Activism at the Time of Chat Apps
Panos Kompatsiaris, Yiannis Mylonas, Russia. Trolling as Transgression: Culture Wars and Subversive Affirmations against Neoliberal Austerity
Ilia Bykov, Denis Martyanov, Natalia Martianova, Russia. Political ideologies and selective moderation in virtual communities of Russia: The case of

02-01 Microsoft Teams 02
Traditional media and trust
Chair: Kamilla Nigmatullina

Salma El Idrissi, Drew Margolin, the USA. Fact-checking and media heritage: A cross-national study
Maxim Alyukov, Russia. Do Russian TV Viewers Trust State-Run Media? Media, Heuristics, and Credibility in the Context of Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Anastasia Folts, Russia. The clash of agendas: Russian TV and online coverage of the Golunov case

03-01 Microsoft Teams 03
Societal cleavages in the digital realm
Chair: Svetlana Bodrunova

Anna Gladkova, Nikita Argylov, Russia.
Digital inequalities and ethnicity: mapping differences between Russians and Yakuts online
Ksenia Maksimovtsova, Russia. Is There a New "East-West" Conflict? The Discourse(s) of Anti-Russian Sanctions and Counter-Sanctions in Russian and American Digital Media
Anna Litvinenko, Germany; Anna Smoliarova, Russia. 50 shades of media scepticism: Insdividual strategies of navigating Telegram channels in Russia

2 – 3 pm – Lunch

3 – 4 pm – Parallel panels
01-02 Microsoft Teams 01
Movements and communities of practice in media
Chair: Alexandra Litvinova

Olga Ignatjeva, Nikolay Golovin, Vladimir Sibirev, Andrey Klebanov, Russia.
The Impact of Online and Offline Activities upon Cultural and Political Movements
Cristina Miguel, Carl Clare, Dong Hoang, Catherine Ashworth, the UK. #instafoodie: A comparative analysis of food influencers' community of practice on Instagram in Barcelona and London
Nello Barile, Italy. Lo-fi politics: Branding the leader at the time of the empathic media, tactical movements and counter-praticipative cultures (Sardine versus Salvini)

02-02 Microsoft Teams 02
Aggression and violence: Lessons from Russia
Chair: Anna Smoliarova

Svetlana S. Bodrunova, Anna Litvinenko, Ivan Blekanov, Russia.
Communicative aggression contextualized: Multiple roles of aggressive content in political discourse on the Russian Youtube
Konstantin Platonov, Kirill Svetlov, Russia. Online Community Agenda on Domestic Violence: Khachaturian sisters case
Daria Radchenko, Russia. Murder We Analyze: Oleg Sokolov Case Between Anthropology and Social Media Listening

03-02 Microsoft Teams 03
Reimagining cultural milieus via media
Chair: Lyubov Ivanova

José L. Valhondo-Crego, Spain. From dissemination to engagement in the popularization of Science: Structure and Aesthetization in the case of 'The Story of Science'
Elena Arbatskaya, Irina Borisova, Russia. Discussing Notre Dame Fire Beyond Ritual Mourning
Sohail Dahdal, United Arab Emirates. Reimaging the past through Virtual Reality Documentaries: a case study from Palestine

4 - 5.30 pm – Invited parallel panels
01-03 Microsoft Teams 01
New aspects of the digital divide: Challenges of the coronavirus pandemic
Anna Gladkova, Elena Vartanova, Daniil Lapin, Olga Vikhrova, Elina Samorodova (Russia), Massimo Ragnedda (Italy)

02-03 Microsoft Teams 02
The European media perspectives on the issues of regional-global politics and defense&security issues
Henny Saptatia Nugrahani, Yulinar Amalia Masfufah, I Made Agus Yogiswara, Auzan Shadiq, Nidya Sabila Sagala (Indonesia)

03-03 Microsoft Teams 03
Russian Youth Consuming Media: Practices, Motives, and Needs in the Context of the Digital Culture
Denis Dunas, Sergey Vartanov, Diana Kulchitskaya, Anna Tolokonnikova, Anna Gureeva, Elina Samorodova, Daria Vyugina, Elena Salikhova, Gelia Filatkina (Russia)

5.30 - 6 pm – Zooming in: free networking session in Zoom #1 / Coffee break

Microsoft Team 01
6 - 6.30 pm – Evening keynote speech. Elena Vartanova, Russia.The Concept of Media System: Theoretical Relevance and Localization

7 - 9 pm – Virtual socializing with real drinks
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