8th International conference
St. Petersburg, Russia (virtually)
November 10-11, 2020
November 9, 2020

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November 10, Track 01
November 10, Track 02
November 10, Track 03

November 11, Track 01
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November 11, Track o3

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November 5, 2020
A long-awaited update: The conference program is published!
Please see the finalized schedule of the conference events on the 'Program' pages!
The time of the conference is Moscow (UTC+3), so note the difference with your time zone.

The links to the Microsoft Teams and Zoom sessions will be distributed via email and will be published here 24 before the conference starts.

March 15, 2020
Preliminary decision on the conference dates - November 10 to 12, 2020

Dear conference participants,
We announce that preliminary dates for the new CMSTW'2020 will be November 10 to 12, 2020, with November 1o and 11 as the main conference days and November 12 as an auxillary day dedicated to workshops and keynote speeches that cannot be conducted on November 10 and 11.
We are glad to inform that over 80% of our participants have already confirmed their wish to come in autumn (subject to the availability on November 10-12, of course).
We are grateful to you all for your patience and wish to continue to be part of the CMSTW community. We are working upon re-organizing the conference and hope to reproduce it in an even better shape in November.

March 12, 2020
The conference is moved to autumn due to the coronavirus pandemia

Dear colleagues,

With deep regret and frustration, we need to announce that CMSTW'2020 will not take place on April 21-23, 2020, due to the cancellation of all the academic gatherings in St.Petersburg State University and the 14-day quarantine that our European, Chinese, and other colleagues need to pass before entering the university. The latter, in effect, prevents our keynote speakers, as well as other presenters, from participating in the conference. In our decision, we follow suit, as major events, such as the ICA Annual conference in Gold Coast, Australia, and St.Petersburg Economic Forum, have also been cancelled, moved, or transformed into the virtual format.

Due to the circumstances, the local organizing committee has taken a decision to move the conference to autumn 2020. We are now in the process of choosing the new dates, depending on when our keynote speakers are available for travel. The two options that we are discussing now are end-September and early November. As for now, we can assure you that most of our keynote speakers are available for autumn and the conference may be reproduced, given that the pandemia will have stopped by that time.

Hope most of you can reschedule; but we fully understand if you cannot. Till Monday, March 16, we will be waiting for the official university order on the event cancellation, which will allow us work upon the fee compensation policy from then on. Before the virus, we used to have the 100% compensation policy; we all strongly hope this policy will apply now just as well. But we also hope that most of you will be able to come to St.Petersburg in autumn. We will announce the dates shortly.

We will continue with preparing the publications, as this may easily be done online. Since working upon publications will demand time, effort and, most probably, pay-for proofreading, those who would like to stay within the volumes but cannot come in autumn will be eligible for 50% compensation (still tbc by the university within next week).

For those who can reschedule and come, we will prepare new visa invitation letters and rebook the hotels/dorms; we are dealing with this now and do not see substantial problems in rescheduling the accommodation arrangements.

For us to know who of you can come in autumn, please go to this Google document (SETTINGS CORRECTED, EVERYONE WITH THE LINK CAN EDIT THE DOCUMENT):


- find your name&title and tell whether you have already paid (by putting 'yes/no' to the first cell), whether you plan to join the conference in autumn (by putting 'yes' to the second cell) or opt for compensation if you paid (by putting 'yes' to the third cell). With everyone who opts for compensation we will work on the individual basis starting from March 16 or a bit later, when the university order officially cancels the conference.

Hoping for your understanding and for your wish to come to CMSTW'2020 in autumn,
yours sincerely,
Svetlana S. Bodrunova and the CMSTW'2020 team

February 17, 2020
E-visa advice
Due to multiple requests, we need to clarify our position on e-visas for St.Petersburg.
E-visas are available for short stays (up to 8 days) in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region; citizens of 53 countries (excluding the UK and the USA, alas) are eligible - the list is here. The application information is here.
Despite e-visas seem to be a very efficient instrument to economize on your time and effort, we advise to get a 'normal' visa based on our invitation letter. The main reason for this is that, for an e-visa, one needs to apply shortly before the planned visit; if you are rejected a visa, you will have no time to re-apply for a normal visa. Also, there are rare (truly rare) cases when the data in the e-visa and your passport do not match, and the responsibility remains fully yours.
This is why our advice is the following: we advise to use e-visas in case if you are late for a normal one or if your travel schedule is tight to the extent that you cannot find a time slot for a visa application. But we still have over two months for the visa application process. To speed up, please send to cmstw2020@spbu.ru a letter with your passport page, and we will contact you for a visa questionnaire.

February 15, 2020
The registration form for the conference is available! Please open the form by clicking here.

You will need to fill in the registration data form (your credentials and affiliation), then you will be exposed to the explanatory part of the form, then to the selection of your payment type (participation type and country tier), and then the payment form.

On having paid, you will receive two letters: one in English and one in Russian (a bank letter, sorry for the language). The first letter will inform you that you have registered but will advise to pay if you have not done so :) Please disregard it if you have recieved the second letter with a table-form report on your payment - it will start with a bank logo and words in Russian "АО Банк "ПСКБ"
Электронная квитанция".

February 12, 2020
THE WORKSHOPS AT CMSTW'2020 - consider applying!
Thanks to the review results, we are announcing two workshops that will take place within CMSTW'2020:

Platform affordances, media content, national context: shaken not stirred
Organizer: Anna Smoliarova

Today's media through the prism of the past: history as a model of interpretation
Organizers: Olga Kruglikova and Alexander Marchenko

Please consider applying to become part of these workshops by March 1, 2020!

February 12, 2020
Dear CMSTW'2020 submitters,
please accept our apologies for the late informing on the review results. We had to have several rounds of re-evaluations to select the final number of submissions.
You will find the notification letters and the reviews in your mailboxes.
Among the accepted submissions, we have a number of panels and workshops. We will also now start composing the round tables for the conference!

February 7, 2020
Apologies for late informing
Dear CMSTW'2020 submitters,
we apologize for the late informing upon acceptance/rejection - we have been doing additional rounds of peer-reviewing to ensure the proper selection. Thank you for your patience! We will announce the full results early next week, February 11 the latest.

January 19, 2020
Incredible news on our new keynote speaker - Barbie Zelizer from Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, has agreed to join us in April! Her personal page is here, even if she really does not need presentation.

Unfortunately we also need to say that Professor Mark Graham will not make it to us. But we are working on alternatives and are expecting his colleagues to join CMSTW and bring his message to us. We will inform you as soon we get good news :)

January 15, 2020
Due to multiple requests,
the CMSTW deadline is extended till January 20!
We ask the submitters to be efficient and submit within this working week if possible.

January 14, 2020
Great news! CMSTW has agreed to have an after-conference issue in Central European Journal of Communication (Scopus). Thank you dear Michal Glowacki for this generous offer! This opens new opportunties for the CMSTW'2020 papers that have CEE countries as their focus.

November 11, 2019
The CMSTW'2020 submission page is available at EasyChair - please use it to submit!

November 5, 2019
The call for papers is announced!
The 8th International conference 'Comparative Media Studies in Today's World' (CMSTW'2020) is dedicated to analysing world's communication and journalism in comparative perspective. The theme for 2020 is 'Back to context? Media and communication studies between big data and contextual meanings', which is to bring together a wide range of scholars in social sciences, communication science, computational disciplines, and humanities.

Since 2013, the conference has gathered experts in comparative media research, including Paolo Mancini, Larry Gross, Silvio Waisbord, Katrin Voltmer, Barbara Pfetsch, Nico Carpentier, Susanne Fengler, Elena Vartanova, Thomas Hanitzsch, Daya Thussu, Zizi Papacharissi, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, and many others.

The conference is an integral part of 'Media in Modern World' Annual Forum which will be held by St. Petersburg State University for the 59th time in 2020. Thus, interested audience is ensured, and you may wish to take part in the Plenary Session (with simultaneous translation into English) and all sorts of discussions at the Annual Forum on April 23-24.

A variety of publishing opportunities, including that in a Scopus Q1 journal and that in a Routledge series, is offered at the conference. The submission guidelines will be found in the respective pages of this website after November 15, 2020.
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